The Cast Handle

Holdenusa (US)

$ 19.90


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About the Product

  • The Original Cast Handle Leg Lifter since 1997
  • Strong, lightweight set of nylon handles that attach to a long leg brace, cast or bare leg.
  • Easy to Use. Increases independence. Removable. Adjustable. Machine Washable.
  • Increases mobility. Aids caregiver. Reduces strain. Restores privacy.

Product description

The Cast Handle has been used internationally since 1996 by patients immobilized in a long leg cast or brace while recovering from injury or surgery. The Cast Handle has proven useful in assisting individuals who suffer from partial or total leg paralysis through injury to the spinal cord, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and other nerve and muscle-wasting diseases. Most patients suffering from weakened or paralyzed leg muscles are confined to a leg brace or cast. They encounter reduced mobility and daily frustration with the inability of their weakened leg muscles to lift the added weight of a brace or cast without assistance. The Cast Handle is a set of strong but soft nylon handles that attach via hook and loop fasteners to the patient’s leg. The wide cushioned straps cradle the patient’s injured or weakened limb allowing them to maneuver their leg with one hand while steadying, lifting or lowering themselves with the other hand. This product is also beneficial to care givers. They can assist patients using only one hand, while better keeping their own balance without having to reach down as far to grab and lift a patient’s leg. The Cast Handle also comfortably accommodates large legs swollen by edemas and other conditions which affect the diameter of the leg. The D-ring closure adjusts to almost any leg size, with or without a cast or brace, and locks into place. The unique hook and loop material is very wide and soft on both sides so that it can be worn comfortably over pants or directly against the skin, when a cast or brace is not being worn. While The Cast Handle is easily removable, most patients find it so comfortable and useful that they wear it like an article of clothing, day and night. Unlike other leg lifters that are basically a loop on the end of a stick that is must be carried like a cane the The Cast Handle can remain attached and in place and ready whenever the patient needs it.

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